Electrical Certification

Electrical Certification

Electricians who engage in the connection of electrical devices of 100 volt-amps or more and work for licensed C-10 contractors in the State of California are required by law to be certified. Those employees who do not yet have the necessary hours of electrical work experience to sit for the certification exam must be registered apprentices or registered with the state as an Electrical Trainee. If you are a licensed C-10 contractor, then you do not have to be certified, but your employees do.

Learn more about certification by visiting the state of California website.


With a few exceptions, your electricians with the requisite work experience must pass a computerized test administered by the state and become certified. Electrical Trainees must officially register with the state and are required to enroll in an approved school. Trainees must complete 150 hours of classroom training annually until they acquire the work hours to sit for the electrical certification exam. Apprentices, who attend school as a part of their training, are exempt from certification until they graduate.

Associated Builders and Contractors Southern California Chapter is an approved training provider for both apprenticeship and electrical trainees. ABC electrical apprentices and trainees receive comprehensive classroom training and are prepared to take this exam and obtain their certification.

Once certified, the state requires that electricians obtain 32 hours of continuing education in order to re-certify every three years. So, in addition to educating the newer apprentice or trainee, ABC offers classes which satisfy the continuing education requirements. Associated Builders and Contractors’ electrical program helps contractors fulfill certification requirements by providing apprenticeship and trainee programs which are approved by the State of California.