Electrician Trainees

Electrical Trainees

What is the difference between an Apprentice and Electrician Trainee?

An apprentice is someone indentured in a state-approved apprenticeship training program. Contractors are required to employ apprentices on public works projects at a ratio of one apprentice hour worked for every five journeyman hours worked. Apprentices and Journeymen are the only classes of pay on a public works project. Even an electrician who is not certified must be paid journeyman wages on a public project unless he or she is an apprentice indentured with a state-approved apprentice program.

A trainee is an electrician who is not yet a certified journeyman and not indentured in an apprenticeship program. California’s electrician certification law requires anyone performing work in the field for a C-10 electrical contractor to fall into one of these three categories: certified journeyman, indentured apprentice, or an electrician trainee registered with the state. If you work for a C-10 contractor and are performing electrical work in the field and DO NOT fall into one of these three categories, that is a violation of the electrician certification law and your contractor employer runs the risk of incurring fines and penalties from the CSLB, up to and including suspension of the contractor’s license. The contractor determines trainee wages unless on a public works project in which case the classifications are either journeyman or state registered apprentice (which is not the same as a trainee).

Who needs to enroll as an Electrician Trainee?

Effective January 1, 2006, the only persons who may perform work as general electricians, residential electricians or fire/life safety technicians for contractors licensed as Class C-10 electrical contractors and make electrical connections over 100 volt-ampers are those who have been certified by the State of California, or are an apprentice registered in a state-approved electrical apprenticeship program, or a worker who has registered as an electrician trainee and is enrolled in a state-approved electrician trainee program.

The deadline to become certified for the two additional classifications, voice-data-video technician and non-residential technician, was January 1, 2007.

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