Lighting Acceptance Testing - Title 24


The 2016 revisions to California’s Building Energy Efficiency Standards (in the California Building Standards Code,
California Code of Regulations, Title 24) include new requirements for commercial buildings to reduce electricity use through lighting controls.

In November 2014, A Merit Shop organization, the National Lighting Contractors Association of America (NLCAA), was approved by the California Energy Commission as an Acceptance Test Technician Certified Provider. This allows NLCAA to train and certify field technicians and employers on the Building Energy Efficiency Standards lighting control
acceptance tests.

Acceptance Testing is a process of testing lighting controls to see if they are in compliance with Title 24, Part 6 Mandatory Lighting Controls.

NLCAA has developed and owns its own software that is utilized by the Acceptance Test Technician (ATT) to enter testing data. NLCAA maintains the computer based registry of data as a repository of information that can be accessed by the ATTs, building departments, contractors and government agencies.

NLCAA has one training location in Signal Hill, CA. NLCAA also offers training at other locations. To view their scheduled classes or to contact them about setting up a class, go to


In order to begin testing, there are two required certifications. The ATT certification is required for the person physically going to the field to test the lighting controls. The ATE certification is required for the person that will be the oversight and responsible party for the company.


Acceptance Test Employer (ATE) Certification Course

The Employer applicant must have at least 3 years of verifiable experience in lighting controls and electrical systems.

 The Employer applicant must have applicable business license(s) or business tax certificate(s) for all offices that are registering to employee acceptance test technicians, comprehensive general liability insurance policy with a policy limit of at least $1,000,000, and workers compensation insurance. 
A copy of these documents must be submitted when filling out the ATE application.  

If the employer applicant or any of the owners, officers or partners of the employer had a contractor license or business license suspended or revoked anytime in the last five years, they are not eligible to become a NLCAA Certified Employer. 

If the Employer applicant or any of the its owners, officers or partners have ever been found liable in a civil suit or found guilty in a criminal action for fraud, theft, or any other acts of dishonesty, they are not eligible to become a NLCAA Employer.

To view the requirements and submit an ATE application please go to:

The ATE Certification course is an 8-hr online course in which you must pass a 27 question final quiz. In order to receive your Acceptance Test Employer Certification.

Acceptance Test Technician (ATT) Certification Course

The Technician applicant must have at least 3 years of verifiable experience in lighting controls and electrical systems.
The Technician applicant must complete free online prerequisites on the LCA website, fill out an ATT application, and submit the NLCAA certificates of completion. To view the list of courses required and fill out the application please go to

The ATT Certification course is a 3-day course in which you must pass both the classroom written final and hands-on lab tests in order to receive your Acceptance Test Technician Certification.

Continuous Education

NLCAA issues 8 hours of continuous education units after completing the ATE course and 24 hours after completion of the ATT course.  

 Along with the certification courses, NLCAA offers 1-day and 2-day educational classes on Title 24 and lighting controls systems.

For more information go to or call their office at (877)225-9562.