Just 1 Campaign

What is the JUST ONE campaign?

It’s ABC Los Angeles Ventura Chapter’s 2015-2016 Membership Growth Strategy for meeting the goals set before us in the Chapter’s Strategic Plan!

We know the impact a team can have when its members work together toward a common goal, so we’re asking each and every member of the chapter to be part of that team and refer JUST ONE solid lead for ABC membership. If every member provides JUST ONE name, we could double our membership!  But it’s not just about growing the chapter... 

More Members means More Resources, More Support, More Industry Clout, a More Powerful Political Voice, More Networking Opportunities and More Benefits for YOU, YOUR company and YOUR employees.

Everyone knows someone.  Who’s YOUR one?

Fill out an online referral form or send your JUST ONE referral form to Larry Smeragliuolo at membership@abclaventura.org, or if you have questions, contact Larry by email or by telephone at 818-898-2099 ext.108.    

I forget ABC's top benefits; can you list them for me so I can share them with my referral?

What information do I need in order to refer my Just One lead to ABC?

We need the name of the company you are referring, the name of whom we need to contact and a phone number or an email.It is also helpful if they know we will be calling and talking with them about ABC. We will use your name as a referral.

What if I need help explaining what ABC is?

Let us do that, refer your company to us, let them know we will be contacting them and can answer any questions they have. There is never any pressure when ABC calls.

How do I know if they are a strong lead?

Contact Larry Smeragliuolo at ABC and let her know who the company is and she can help you decide.

What if the company I want to refer is already a member of another association?

That’s ok. Many of our members belong to more than one association. ABC has specific benefits they can take advantage of that they may not already be getting elsewhere.

What if my referral wants more information on ABC first?

No problem, let Larry Smeragliuolo know and he will send them information or invite them to an event.

How do I refer a company for membership?

You can contact  Larry Smeragliuolo at (818) 898-2099 ext 108.